How can I listen to your music?

  • The cheap way: Listen to the songs from the release pages on this site, or borrow the CD’s from a friend.
  • Slightly more expensive: Listen to free sample and buy only the good-sounding tracks.
  • For the complete experience buy the albums through Music Row or CDON. You can also ask your local CD store (if it still exists) to order them for you.

Are you on Myspace?

Yes, and also on Google, Twitter and Facebook.

Please sign me up on your mailing list.

Glad you asked. Please Sign up here.

Who can I contact?

To contact BoogiePost directly, you may use the form on the right. We have the artists’ contact information on the artist pages.

Can I use your music for free in my gun commercial?

Contact us or the artists directly if you would like to use our music. If not explicitly stated otherwise, the copyright to the music on this site belongs to the respective artists.

What made this site?

This site is mainly powered by coffee, the vim editor, Pods and WordPress.