There before you – a stand of pines, vast and deep, and you continue along the road that takes you in. 

Beautiful landscapes, mountains, lakes, and woods, funicular railways, cowbells and army knives joining forces, weaving a tapestry of reflections becoming the music you can hear on this album.

It toys with you, playfully, like a child, full of mischief, embracing you then leaving you to gently tumble, too, down into a field of lilies.

Johannes Burström – Timmer

Phrases, onsets, interstices

Timmer, a solo album by Johannes Burström, presents seven double bass improvisations which has been extended into the listening moment, through a mosaic of algorithms and intuition. They have been collected, cut up, shuffled by design and by chance, dressed in new timbres and regenerated in 65536 unique versions.

Just as Paul Klee famously took a line for a walk, guitarist and composer Samuel Hällkvist likes to take melodies and rhythm on inspirational journeys to create music that is as dazzling as it is compelling.

Is it cubistic jazz? Is it ethereal chamber impro? Is it dissonant, dirty, soft or swinging? In any case, it’s beautiful music by four unique voices, captured in 11 free, playful and poetic miniatures during their Nordic tour in 2014.

Nightmare cocktail lounge, dystopian disco, a whimsical carnival from a William Gibson future. If the mood on Music for Runners hews toward the robotic, these are robots who have the potential for romance and poetry buried deep in their circuitry and waiting to blossom.

An alchemical blend of live band recordings and studio overdubs from a variety of guests, the new album brings eerie wordless vocals, sizzling electronica, waves of surf guitar, driving funk-driven beats and a sense of restless experimentation that moves beyond the usual boundaries of rock, jazz and prog.

Thymeshift – Beyond Horizons

Turning heads, twisting minds

Complex compositions, rough beats, strange and beautiful sounds. Swedish/Icelandic quartet Thymeshift makes highly listenable, adventurous music, spanning from raging free improvisations to icy country tunes – music that will turn heads and twist minds.

Nuaia – Belong to the moon

undressed indie ballads

Not a word too much. Rather repetition than unnecessary variation. In a universe where song, drums and acoustic instruments meets electronic soundscapes, personal stories are born, presented with an unusual intensity and presence.  

Thomas Gunillasson – Glashus

Music from the tundra

From the lapland tundra comes this master guitarist who for many years has been the top choice for some of the most innovative artists in Sweden. On his debut Thomas takes you on a ride through his musical landscapes from the darkest underground mines to the mountain tops where you can see for miles. This is resounding, atmospheric, adventurous music filled with contrasts and emotion. Prepare for a Pork Lip!

Synthetic drum machine beats, old but futuristic-sounding keyboards, eerie tumbleweed atmospheres, proggish Frippertronics: Let’s dance some disco country!

Samuel Hällkvist – Return to Center

MIDI Jazz for the masses

Contrasting the digital exactness of MIDI programming with the human qualities and modes of expression of acoustic instruments, Samuel Hällkvist stages a meeting between man and machine.

Samuel Hällkvist – Variety of Loud

Asymmetrical Dance Music

Variety Of Loud constantly criss-crosses the borders between control and abandonment, between discipline and intuition, between pulling different elements together and ultimately, having the confidence to let go and see what happens next.

Pat & Sam – Greatest Hits

Lego • Stress • Written solos

The weird music guitarmanship of Samuel Hällkvist has at last found a rhytmic counterpart in the drumming of Pat Mastelotto. Together they are the incomparable Pat & Sam. Greatest Hits is a collection of their most epic tracks, now available as a handy 2-track single.

With a mix of plastic punk, powerpop and elegant naivism, chilly but angelic sounds, violent outbursts, keyboards, guitars and sometimes insanely loud drums, Big Bombastic Collective is berhyming all those everyday incomprehensibilities.

Stories from the Village is telling stories and tales late at night between the light of burning candles, during hands in a friendly game of cards. It is stories from the past and the present. It is pictures, coming and going. It’s 100% collective improvisation – no additives.

Near the cemetery in a yellow house lives an old woman
If you pick a flower for her she will give you candy
In a big house up the hill lives a man known from TV
If you bring him a dead animal he will bury it for you

Remember early in Ada Blenkhorn’s life, when you still sang songs about maidens, when trouble could arise over a game of craps, when banjo songs was topping the charts, and Rhododendron still just was that popular flowering garden plant?

Prylf – Kind of Green

Sci-fi · Romance · Guns · Ammo

Twisted greenish echoes from the twenties, served by absinthe-intoxicated humanoids reclaiming decadence on behalf of Jazz Music. Bring out the flourescents and the plastic wrapping – this is Prylf.

Nuaia – Nuaia

Mika · Michala · Sofie

… where faint tinkles becomes cathedral bells, electronic dust creates hills and valleys and everyday words tell tales of epic proportions. Nuaia are three musical map writers, daring to explore what’s closest.

This, my friends, is the dawn of the Swedish peace jazz movement. Only stone-hearted men can stay unaffected, when them hundred-year old-devil dissonances smoke the peace pipe together with the sweetest melodies from today.

Corpus Morgan – Kaizer Galactica

Planets · Boogeymen · Fuzzy Logic

A new electric experience from Corpus Morgan blending the beauty and the beats with the burlesque and bizarre, spanning from the most delicate building blocks of human life to the vast voids travelled by galactic adventurers.

Television Pickup – Kinescope Mountain

High voltage · Dust · Bric-a-brac · Passwords

With ten hours in studio and ten months of post processing, Television Pickup has created an album that sounds like a collection of postcards from a deserted tourist paradise, scanned and converted to electronic signals.

Kriktor – Bjärta Färger

Wood · Gloom · Hi-tech · Pots and pans

Kriktor gives space to the smallest sounds in a tense dissection of harmony and rhythm. It’s stubborn, but also extremely indecisive. It’s music made simple – perhaps even stupid. It’s quite possibly like nothing you’ve ever heard.

15,5 – På Begäran

Swing · Kurbits · Chance operations

På Begäran could be the songs from the radio, cut apart and brought back to life with soulful improvisations and brisk rhytmic treatments, only to be smashed into pieces again in the post production. 15,5 is back, by popular demand.

Television Pickup – Da jeg var lille var alting større

Swiss mountains · Foxtrot · Babushkas · Bourbon

Music from your grandma’s attic. Weird sounds from under your bed. The drones from vast western landscapes and claustrophobic wall-to-wall carpets. It’s all there, and more, on Television Pickup’s first album.