• Touchdown

  • Lost in transaction

  • Screeem

  • The One

  • Ett slags därifrån

  • Ouchdown

  • Två dagar

  • Sing

  • Downtouch

Thymeshift is a collaboration between Swedes Thomas Gunillasson, Johan Björklund, Thomas Backman and Icelander Hilmar Jensson.

This somewhat unusual line up featuring twin guitars, drums and clarinet/saxophone promises groovy, cool, wild, crazy, dynamic and beautiful music that will turn heads and twist minds. These qualities become evident on their full length debut ”Beyond Horizons”.

With complex compositions, rough beats, strange and beautiful sounds, the group produces adventurous but still very listenable music, with tunes written by all four members of the group. Additionally, ”Beyond Horizons” features some raging free improvisations, juggled and squashed into a musical tumble dryer and brought out again with carefully made edits and remixes.

Johan Björklund – drums, zither
Thomas Gunillasson – guitars, laptop
Hilmar Jensson – guitars
Thomas Backman – saxophones, clarinet

Recorded 21-22 april 2012 at Studio Västerås by Martin Igelström
Zither recorded by Johan Björklund at Eternal Darkness, Gothenburg
Mixed by Johannes Lundberg at Studio Epidemin, Gothenburg except track nr 5, 7, 9, 13 mixed by Thomas Gunillasson
Mastered by Johannes Lundberg
Produced by Johan Björklund & Thomas Gunillasson

Cover design by Mads Berg
Photo by Kristin Lidell

Thanks to: Tomas Nygren, Samuel Hällkvist, Vuxenskolan Västmanland, Lars Stenberg, Karl Olof Antik AB, Maria Björklund, Erik Ivarsson, Thomas Jäderlund, Johannes Lundberg, Mathias Bäckström

Released June 3, 2015
C'est BPCD016