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Guitarist Thomas Gunillasson – previously member of swedish indie pop phenomenon The Dora Steins, punk bigband Militanta Jazzmusiker and Swedish avantgarde queen Lindha Kallerdahl’s band – releases his debut as a leader, recorded in Gothenburg and Västerås, Sweden. The album contains tunes written by Thomas during a five year period. The music is tight and rythmic with layers of guitars inspired by his early metal years in the northernmost parts of Sweden, but there’s also a string of melancholy and fragility echoing through the album. With a heavy, but still atmospheric sound peppered with electronic beats resembling Thom Yorke and Björk, Thomas is ready to rock the world. Mixed and produced by Thomas himself.

Thomas Gunillasson – guitars, keyboards, programming, voice
Thomas Backman – saxophone, clarinets
Johannes Lundberg – bass
Johan Björklund – drums, percussion
Recorded january 5, 6 2012 by Johannes Lundberg at Studio Epidemin, Göteborg Sweden
Additional overdubs recorded by Thomas Gunillasson at BlueClock Studio, Västerås Sweden
Mixed by Thomas Gunillasson & Johannes Lundberg
Mastered december 2013 by Johannes Lundberg at Studio Epidemin, Göteborg Sweden
Produced by Thomas Gunillasson
Cover design by Mads Berg, www.madsberg.dk
Photo by Magnus Bergström
Thanks to Johannes, Johan and Thomas, Magnus Bergström, Mads Berg, Petter Eriksson, Carlforsska gymnasiet, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, BoogiePost Recordings and my family for love and support.
Dedicated to Lasse Wannelius

All music written by Thomas Gunillasson
Samples from “Jojk”, Sjungande Tornedalen used on track 5 with kind permission from Caprice Records
Released March 19, 2014
C'est BPCD014