• Storytime

  • A roadtrip to an old mountain

  • Intermezzo

  • Playtime

  • Night fall

  • Little tiger, part II

  • The guitarplayer

  • Beautiful bells and trumpet trance

  • A gentle celebration

Is it cubistic jazz? Is it ethereal chamber impro? Is it dissonant, dirty, soft or swinging? In any case, it’s beautiful music by four unique voices, captured in 11 free, playful and poetic miniatures during their Nordic tour in 2014.

Kasper Tranberg: trumpet and cornet
Per Jørgensen: trumpet, vocal and darabouka
Marc Ducret: guitar
Michala Østergaard-Nielsen: drums and percussion

Track 1, 2, 8, & 11 recorded live by Rune Børø at Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo, October 2014
All other tracks recorded live by Thomas Vang at The Village Recording, Vanløse, October 2014

Mixed by Thomas Vang (thevillage.dk)
Mastered by Brian Mørk Hansen
Produced by Michala Østergaard-Nielsen
Cover Design by Mai-Britt Amsler (maibrittamsler.dk)
Marc Ducret plays on Vendramini guitars.

Thanks to:
Kasper, Per and Marc, Boogiepost Recordings, Thomas Vang, Brian Mørk Hansen, Mai-Britt Amsler, Majken, Jama and family and friends for love and support.
A special thanks to Martin Nilsson

Released April 22, 2016
C'est BPCD022