Even if you live under the proverbial rock, it’s probably still apparent to you that pop culture’s fixation with American country music has reached a fever pitch.

It is important to mention this because, though Frederik Hauch and Samuel Hällkvist, the two players who comprise the duo Orbit Stern, have both nursed a longtime affinity for twang, one thing should be clear that Hauch and Hällkvist won’t tell you themselves, so allow me: It is not enough to say that Orbit Stern is one step ahead of the hordes of current bands sporting 1970s haircuts and country-music affectations.

That’s because Orbit Stern stands a world apart from them. In fact, the music on Orbit Stern’s new album Ude i Skoven, Inde i Byen (which translates from Danish as “in the woods, out in the city”) sounds closer to something that came from Mars than our quaint renderings of Appalachia or the American west of popular myth. Likewise, the duo’s obvious attraction to analog keyboard textures yields a similarly alien sound that has nothing to do with the new-wave synth retrophilia now raging within indie rock and chillwave circles like some form of contagious flu. This is, perhaps, where jazz comes into the picture.

Saby Reyes-Kulkarni — musician, music journalist (Paste, Alarm, Nashville Scene), host of Feedback Deficiency and Not Your Parents’ Jazz Show (December 2013)

All music written, played and produced by Samuel Hällkvist and Frederik Hauch, Orbit Stern

Mixed by August Wanngren
Mastered by Brian Mørch Hansen
Cover art by Mai-Britt Amsler
A special thank you to Pigtronix

Released January 29, 2014
C'est BPCD017