An alchemical blend of live band recordings and studio overdubs from a variety of guests, the new album brings eerie wordless vocals, sizzling electronica, waves of surf guitar, driving funk-driven beats and a sense of restless experimentation that moves beyond the usual boundaries of rock, jazz and prog.

The Variety of Loud ensemble
Samuel Hällkvist, guitars, devices, MIDI programming
Pat Mastelotto, traps & buttons
Qarin Wikström, voice & keys
Guy Pratt, bass
Stefan Pasborg, drums

with special guests
Richard Barbieri – Keyboards, Synthesizers, Programming.
Mocako Asano – voice
Yazz Ahmed – trumpet
Denys Baptiste – sax
Yukiko Taniguchi – voice

based on the Variety of Loud ensemble live recordings feb 21-26, 2014 from Nefertiti, Gothenburg
Nissanscenen, Halmstad
Moriska Paviljongen, Malmö

Additional recordings jan-apr 2015.

BoogiePost Recordings 2015.

produced by Variety of Loud
mixed by August Wanngren, We Know Music Studios, Copenhagen
mastered by Nikolaj Vinten,
cover design by Mai-Britt Amsler

Thank you:
Eventide, Pigtronix, Katrine Amsler, Tony Wärefors KTW,
Thomas Olsson, Mats Johansson & Isildurs Bane, Jan Severinsson, Johannes Lundberg, Calle Westerlund, Sid Smith, Status Graphite, Ashdown Engineering, John and Garrison at DW Drums, Andrew and Christian at Paiste, Ben at Vic Firth, Steve and Marco at Evans, John at Hammerax, Kevin at Expanding hands, Roland, and Korg USA and Paul DVilliers, Eclipse trumpets and everybody else involved in this project.

Released August 28, 2015
C'est BPCD020