• Part 1

    • 5:21 There is a helicopter outside my window. I have my helmet on.
    • Near the cemetery in a yellow house lives an old woman info & lyrics
  • Part 2

  • Part 3

  • Part 4

  • Part 5

  • Part 6

    • I’m lying still on the ground info & lyrics
    • Smoking cigarettes in the cemetery
  • Part 7

  • 3 Tooth

    Near the cemetery in a yellow house lives an old woman
    If you pick a flower for her she will give you candy
    In a big house up the hill lives a man known from TV
    If you bring him a dead animal he will bury it for you
    Near the woods on a farm live two brothers
    one of them has an common name
    the other one has an indian name

  • January

    The last room
    I put my sweater on and go down to the river

  • Transport

    It is itching and burning
    There is a small window above my ear
    It’s open and it’s cold
    the lock is broken again
    My neck hurts
    What is that sound?

  • Hotdogs and Popcorn

    Today 4 hippos swam straight through my heart
    Riding an underwater wall of death in slowmotion
    around and around
    a few minutes later we had hotdogs and popcorn
    and talked about sharp fences

  • Happy Endings

    There is a white horse on the beach
    It is made of glossy plastic and has beautiful long nylon hair…
    “Excuse me, is it yours?”

  • Smoked

    There must be over 30 cats in this house
    I wonder who lived there first
    Look he comes out
    Maybe he is dangerous
    or maybe just a little drunk
    There is a dead pig in the backyard
    Later we all get to taste a piece of bacon

  • I'm Learning How to Swim

    I’m learning how to swim
    They dropped me of in the middle of the ocean
    I must learn fast before the sharks smell my blood
    I feel a little stressed out
    I think can handle it…
    I’m sinking

    I’m learning how to swim

  • Social Skills

    I’m lying still on the ground
    In the distance I hear voices
    Someone please roll me over and take the knife out of my chest
    It will only take a second

  • I'm Howling

    I’m howling
    A snake has stolen my glove
    That’s really not a nice thing to do
    now my left hand is cold and pale
    We will end up in hell for this
    I’m howling for myself

  • We Take the Bikes and Head Home

    Smoking cigarettes
    in the cemetery
    catching eels in silence
    22 eels to be precise
    They lie in a red bucket and squirm
    it’s getting dark
    no more bait
    we take the bikes and head home
    There is a helicopter outside my window
    I have my helmet on

  • Guests

  • Knut Finsrud: Drums
  • Qarin Wikström, Erika Angell and Mike H: Vocals
  • Simon, Anisa, Anne, Lucy, Saby, Mischa, Christine: Narration
  • Music and text written by Katrine Amsler
  • Produced by Katrine Amsler in collaboration with August Wanngren (wanngren.com)
  • Recorded by Erik Olevik at Islands Brygge January 2010
  • Additional recordings at BPHQ in Autumn and Winter 2010
  • Mixed and mastered by August Wanngren
  • Artwork by Mai-Britt Amsler (maibrittamsler.dk)

Television Pickup would like to thank Andriala, Bram, Charel Sytze, Daveincamas, Digifishmusic, ERH, Moffittmusic, NoiseCollector, Pcaeldries and unknown banjoplayer for the samples on this record. (Freesound.org)

And thank you to our friends and families!

Released March 25, 2011
C'est BPCD010