May 22, 2012

Soon to come: Variety of Loud

A new upcoming release, Samuel Hällkvist’s Variety of Loud is to be released on the 4th of June: An all-star album featuring Pat Mastelotto, Pete Drungle, Mai Ueda and Stefan Pasborg. In Sid Smith‘s words:

There’s a wealth of intricate detail within the album; icy twang-bar reveries; dextrous country-style plucking; trance-like beats that percolate through the entire body of the album; joyous, blissed-out swirls of kaleidoscopic keyboards; wordless vocals drifting between undulating ripples of guitar, fizzing electronica and dreamy chords; intense metallic-edged riffs and explosive salvos of chaotic percussion.

Already today, you can watch the video for Urban Champion on the BoogieTube. Enjoy!