September 21, 2018

New Single: Suzuran No Wakare

The first of a series of singles from Samuel Hällkvist, Suzuran No Wakare is a collaboration with the japanese percussionist Natiho Toyota. And it’s brilliant and beautiful. Listen now, then download at Bandcamp!

April 6, 2018

New Album: Johannes Burström – Timmer

Seven double bass improvisations, where phrases, onsets, and interstices has been collected, cut up, shuffled by design and by chance, dressed in new timbres and regenerated in 65536 unique versions.

Timmer is released digitally, and is distributed through the website, which is updated hourly with a new version of the album. It will also be available on all major digital platforms.

Listen now!


October 13, 2017

New Album: Samuel Hällkvist & Variety of Rhythm

An international cast of twelve performers joins the Danish-based guitarist as Variety Of Rhythm continues the momentum begun with 2012‘s Variety of Loud and 2015‘s Variety of Live with a continuous suite that blends intense combinations of textures, tonal colour, breathtaking dynamics and organic interactions.

Listen now!

April 22, 2016

New album: More Stories from the Village

Østergaard Art Quartet is back, with an album recorded during their Nordic tour in 2014. ØAQ is a collaboration between three countries and four unique musicians – Michala Østergaard-Nielsen, Per Jørgensen, Kasper Tranberg and Marc Ducret – offering a truly personal view of how improvised music can sound.

Head over to the release page for a quick listen, then go get the full album.

August 27, 2015

New Release: Variety of Live

Variety of Live is a new album on BoogiePost Recordings, featuring contributions from members of Pink Floyd and King Crimson. We’re promised eerie wordless vocals, sizzling electronica, waves of surf guitar, and driving funk-driven beats. It’s the 25th album featuring our very own Samuel Hällkvist, and his 5th as band leader. Let’s celebrate — go have a listen!

May 30, 2015

New release: Beyond Horizons

Thymeshift, a Swedish/Icelandic quartet featuring Thomas Gunillasson, Johan Björklund, Thomas Backman and Hilmar Jensson, releases their first album on BoogiePost Recordings. Beyond Horizons, released June 3rd, gives you 13 tracks of highly listenable, adventurous music, spanning from raging free improvisations to icy country tunes. Give it a spin on the release page, and then go get your own copy.

April 29, 2015

Belong to the moon

BoogiePost Recordings proudly presents a new release from Nuaia: Belong to the moon. According to Hrayr Attarian (review in All About Jazz 23/4 2015), it’s artistic without being highbrow, poppish while avoiding banality and adventurous without even a touch of abstruseness. It is an exquisite mélange of lyrical modernity and intellectually provocative poetry that is simultaneously substantial and stylish. 

Head over to the release page for a prelisten. then get your own copy from the usual digital providers, or as CD/LP from something like CDON.

May 16, 2013

Return to Center Sneak Preview

The word is out: Samuel Hällkvist is about to return with a new album! On June 4th 2013, the whole thing will be available for purchase and download at the usual places, but already today you can have a sneak preview here at BoogiePost Recordings.

Listen now!

June 4, 2012

New release: Variety of Loud

We’re proud to present a new release from Samuel Hällkvist: Variety of Loud. The album is released as CD and downloads, and can be streamed in full from the release page. Then go by the CD, or download it from stores like 7digital and iTunes,

And what about the music? We’ll give you a hint, in Samuel’s own words: “When I composed the music for the album, the guiding words for me were ‘asymmetrical dance music’. I wanted to lose control and trust what the other musicians could bring to the table. The result was something I didn’t expect.”

Samuel Hällkvist – Variety of Loud

May 22, 2012

Soon to come: Variety of Loud

A new upcoming release, Samuel Hällkvist’s Variety of Loud is to be released on the 4th of June: An all-star album featuring Pat Mastelotto, Pete Drungle, Mai Ueda and Stefan Pasborg. In Sid Smith‘s words:

There’s a wealth of intricate detail within the album; icy twang-bar reveries; dextrous country-style plucking; trance-like beats that percolate through the entire body of the album; joyous, blissed-out swirls of kaleidoscopic keyboards; wordless vocals drifting between undulating ripples of guitar, fizzing electronica and dreamy chords; intense metallic-edged riffs and explosive salvos of chaotic percussion.

Already today, you can watch the video for Urban Champion on the BoogieTube. Enjoy!