• 3:58
  • 3:40
  • 4:37
  • Four And Return

  • Dg Family

  • 3:24
  • 4:48
  • Variety Of; 5-6

  • Handshake, Hug

  • 5-6 Graceland

  • Krasta-P

  • Mélange

  • Helle Hollis

  • Shopping, Centre

  • The Staff Will Be Wearing Bandanas


On Return to Center, Samuel Hällkvist and his fellow musicians use the electronics as a foundation for their acoustic work. The idea is that the acoustic instruments should transform the electronics in an organic way. Samuel Hällkvist’s endeavour is to unite the acoustic and the electronic, man and machine. He does not want the instruments to just levitate above the electronics.

On five tracks we hear a quartet consisting of Samuel Hällkvist, bass player Johannes Burström, drummer Knut Finsrud, and Nils Berg on bass clarinet. But we also hear Samuel Hällkvist in a few solo tracks and in different duos: with the British trumpet player Yazz Ahmed, the Spanish singer and violinist Elena Setien, and the drummers Pat Mastelotto and Morgan Ågren.

All music written by Samuel Hällkvist

Center tracks recorded at Charlottenburger Straße, Berlin, october ’12
Pat & Sam tracks recorded at the Red Room, Halmstad, feb ’12
Morgan tracks recorded at studio Annanstans, Värmdö, march ’13
Yazz tracks recorded at Tatami Studios, Sundon, march ’13
Elena tracks and other guitar tracks recorded at We Know Music Studios, Copenhagen, feb-march ’13
also: Hans Appelqvist plays wardrobe door on track 5 and Mats Johansson plays analogue synthesizers on track 9

produced by Samuel Hällkvist
mixed by August Wanngren
mastered by Nikolaj Vinten
cover by Jan Oksbøl Callesen

Thank you, credits and gear:
Pat: DW drums, Paiste Cymbals & Sounds, Vic Firth, Evans drum heads, Roland, Korg, Manadala, Hammerax, M-Audio, Drumagog, Ableton
Yazz: Eclipse trumpets and mammoth tusk flugelhorn mouthpiece custom made by Giles Whittome.
Morgan: Vic Firth, Remo, DW, Sabian, DPA microphones.
Knut: Steve Hubback cymbals.
Samuel wishes to thank all of the great people mentioned on this cover. A special thank you to family and also Henrik Jöhnemark, everyone at IB, Magnus Eriksson and Lloyd at Gitarrist i Malmö.

Released June 4, 2013
C'est BPCD018