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Kaizer Galactica is the first album by the space-jazz-rock-aficionados Corpus Morgan. It’s a two part journey exploring two discrete themes: (1) tales from the human stomach, the life of a foetus and the digestion of food, seemingly unrelated processes even though they occur within the one and same torso. (2) The doings and beings of an Interstellar Emperor, his pastimes, a stroll through his palace, his war efforts and his final escape through a Vårtkex.

As if that isn’t enough you will also get a rare guest appearance by Claudio A Dabiri playing the roles of “Captain Megalomaniac” and “The misunderstood Gourmand”!

  • All music by Corpus Morgan.
  • Recorded and mixed by Olof af Wåhlberg and Corpus Morgan, mastered by David Carlsson.
  • Cover design by Joakim Sandén.
  • Released with financial support from Swedish Arts Council.
Released October 9, 2008
C'est BPCD005