• 2:19
  • Playing under the Orange Tree

  • 7:59
  • 1815

  • Ach du lieber

  • Mating Dance

  • Varanasi

  • The Shantymen

  • Little tiger

  • A Prelude to You


Stories from the Village is telling stories and tales late at night between the light of burning candles, during hands in a friendly game of cards. It is stories from the past and the present. It is pictures, coming and going: The play under an orange tree, the storyteller singing about human despair, the lonesome trumpet playing from the battlefield, and the story about a sacred village by the river of Ganges. Each story has its own universe and as a listener you are trapped in a rare world of curiosity right down to the last note.

  • Kasper Tranberg: Trumpet, cornet and flugelhorn
  • Per Jørgensen: Trumpet, vocal and darabouka
  • Marc Ducret: Electric and acoustic guitar
  • Michala Østergaard-Nielsen: Drums and percussion
  • Recorded and Mixed February 23 & 24, 2011 by Thomas Vang at The Village Recording, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Mastered by John Fomsgaard at Karma Crew, September 2011.
  • Produced by Michala Østergaard-Nielsen Cover
  • Design by Mai-Britt Amsler (maibrittamsler.dk)

Marc Ducret plays on F. Vendramini guitars. Thanks to: Per, Marc and Kasper, Thomas Vang, John Fomsgaard, Mai-Britt Amsler, Majken Østergaard-Nielsen, Line Normann, Dansk Musiker Forbund, BoogiePost Recordings and friends and family for love and support. A special thanks to Martin Nilsson.

Dedicated to my father.

Released November 23, 2011
C'est BPCD011