Timmer is a study in possible connections between generative processes and improvisation, realized as a chance-operated playback machine written in SuperCollider. The scores build upon the motifs and structures of the original improvisations, by highlighting and distorting timbres and temporality. The bass is prepared with objects and custom feedback-based electronics, which creates a hybrid instrument, effectively blurring the line between the acoustic and the digital.

In ”348” the double bass is engaging in a duet with a virtual percussionist, who follows the radical tempo shifts of the bass in an uncanny manner. ”Cheek to Cheek” embraces indecisiveness and amplifies the arbitrary, while Burström’s signature feedback-based infinite sustain of ”Gray on Gray” almost pierces the speaker membranes when joining forces with some truly gnarly metallic preparations. ”Room Modes” is a serene meditation on harmonics and transients, which flows in and out of reality by means of subtle time shifts and repetitions.


Bass, Handclaps, Synthesizer: Johannes Burström
Recordings mastered by Daniel M Karlsson
Mixed and post-processed by Johannes Burström
Artwork by Ludwig Haslberger

This is Timmer version 13862. New versions are published hourly on timmer.fi.

Released April 6, 2018
C'est BP025