Corpus Morgan started as a beloved child of Joakim Sandén in 2004. A swift shift to electrics and the addition of a supra-percussionist made Corpus Morgan what it is today: a Hubble of modern music, relentlessly probing the unknown space for sounds, bringing them down to earth and molding them with absurd humour and a profound funkiness. They are notorious for their highly energetic live appearances and affection for shiny clothing.

Corpus Morgan is Mattias Svensson on reeds, Olof af Wåhlberg on keys, Dan Svensson on percussion, Magnus Hedlund on electric bass and Joakim Sandén on Drums. Mattias is an accomplished melody maker on his own, Olof is a founding member of Hard Love, Dan plays folk music in Alla Fagra, Magnus makes it metalish in Syrak and Joakim plays with Children of the Sun.