Østergaard Art Quartet

Telling Stories

Østergaard Art Quartet is a collaboration between three countries and four unique musicians. With an unusual combination of instruments and a strong will to look beyond predefined musical roles, they are creating playful music in a improvised universe of sound.

  • Østergaard Art Quartet – The Storyteller

With a mix of plastic punk, powerpop and elegant naivism, chilly but angelic sounds, violent outbursts, keyboards, guitars and sometimes insanely loud drums, Big Bombastic Collective is berhyming all those everyday incomprehensibilities.

  • Big Bombastic Collective – Refug


Darth Vader vs Sun Ra

Prylf is a five-piece band covering jazz standards in a glistening hotchpotch of pop, punk and electronics. Blasting with energy unlike anything since the golden days, they are the perfect representatives for the new generation of jazz musicians: twisted, decadent and impossible to not adore.

  • Prylf – All of Me

Samuel Hällkvist Center

Weird Music Guitar

Jazz for the information age, created from equal parts chance and obsession to detail.
With understated clockwork precision, the quartet is exploring unheard rhythmic shrubberies, creating a modern hybrid music for curious ears.

Television Pickup

Jetzt im Kino

Half electric half acoustic, Television Pickup is an android cinema orchestra playing songs from films you wish you had seen: Haunting melodies covered in dirt, broken in pieces and served with a straw.


Faint tinkles of strong emotions

Music balancing between pop, free improvisations and abstract soundscapes. An unusual trust in tranquility, beauty and simplicity. Welcome to the tilt-shift macroworld of Nuaia.

Seven Peace Orchestra

People blowing horns, hitting drums, pulling strings, striking keys.

A seven piece orchestra making peace jazz, a musical antidote for hard times, with songs balancing on a thin line between honesty and presence.


The life and dreams of three grown-up boys

Guitar, drums and saxophone, making music out of careful calculation and pure chance. Despite their metric-wrangling skills, they are not only about virtuosity: 15,5 is truly mastering both kinds of music.


Pretentious and unlistenable

A trio with one bassist and two drummers, playing free music with strict boundaries. Together with their electronic echoes, they create sonic textures ranging from careful and humble to the outright obscene.

Corpus Morgan

Untamed space-jazz juggernaut

Five humans sharing a refined taste for unbridled absurdity and hard core musical energy. Aiming to please the ears and eyes of the whole galaxy, they have thoroughly electrified their sound and adapted an interstellar dress code.